The KLA Instruments™ Advantage: What To Expect From the Leader in Benchtop Surface Metrology


KLA公司内的KLA Instruments™集团包括全面且不断增长beplay体育下载2的台式和自动化表面计量组合,缺陷检测解决方案,可涉及各种学术和工业应用。

Here are some of the advantages to choosing KLA Instruments as your partner in surface metrology research.

Fast Response Time

True to KLA’s commitment to customer success, the Instruments group collaborates intimately with customers to understand their unique requirements and innovates to deliver solutions that meet the highest standards in measurement technology.

KLA Instruments业务发展经理Menno Bouman描述了该团队如何对客户解决问题以及将KLA仪器与竞争对手分开的内容:其无与伦比的客户支持,最重要的是在其客户疑问中的快速响应时间。

“The genuine responses of appreciation from customers on being contacted by KLA Instruments within five minutes of a request, followed by open and quality conversation on their measurement requirements, helps build trust and continues to establish us as indispensable partners in their scientific journey.”



Rooted in a deep history of innovation, the state-of-the-art measurement technology and intuitive software is designed to help engineers and scientists address their toughest measurement challenges. We do this by ensuring our tools continue to deliver consistent, reliable, and precise data, as well as breakthrough solutions that enable our customers to make advancements in their respective fields.

我们的第一个表面分析器工具,alpha-Step®100, became a critical quality control tool in almost every semiconductor fabrication facility. In addition, the first commercially available nanoindenter, the Nano I system, was released by the inventors of nanoscale material mechanical testing technology, Dr. Warren Oliver and Sir John Pethica. Today, Dr. Warren Oliver continues to contribute from our Tennessee location, helping KLA Instruments advance the field of nanomechanical testing – targeting film flexibility testing, strength measurement and failure analysis of materials used in the semiconductor, display, and hard-disk industries.

我们产业界首次创新的其他例子clude our Tencor™ stylus profiler tool line, which also boasts several industry-first innovations, with rock-solid stability, unbeatable sensitivity and repeatability in measurements and the Filmetrics®F20 tools, introduced to market as the world’s first compact, and easy-to-use benchtop thin-film measurement systems.

To learn more about our detailed innovation history, review this时间线of our award-winning, industry-first tool lines.


As a KLA core value, being indispensable to customers is embodied by Menno Bouman and our team of application engineers through continuous education in the growing field of surface metrology. Our outreach program, known asiunversity.那holds regular webinars and multilingual technical talks to share technical expertise and know-how gained from our 40 years of experience in the industry. The iUniversity program provides solutions to some of our customers’ toughest challenges, ensuring their continued education, opportunities and success.

由Menno Bouman领导的Iunversity会议突出显示后扫描后图像分析的最佳实践。

我们还鼓励客户和应用工程师通过应用笔记和技术文件定期分享他们的知识。我们的成长technical literaturedatabase aims to delve deeper into applications and tool capabilities by studying a wide variety of material.

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Oct 26, 2021

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